Re: Safety products info.

Dear Pedro,

In the moment I#180#m searching for Laboratory Safety Products for our Histology 
Lab. to. In the market we can find many substitutes for xilol. In one of the 
laboratories where I have worked we have used the Histolemon from Carlo Erba 
(Italy) but only in the the staining steps, in the steps to included in parafin 
we have used butanol between the etanol series and the parafin.
Now I will try to use the K-clear from Kaltek (Italy) as substitute of xilol 
both in the inclusion in parafin and in the staining steps (Kaltek says that I 
In the marcket there are other products (others substitutes for xilol, mounting 
mediuns xilol free...), that you can find at National Diagnostics, Sakura, etc.
But now I ask me, maybe that it you want is Product for protection? 

Best regards

Lina Vieira
Universidade do Algarve

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> I'm searching for Laboratory Safety Products for our Histology Lab.
> Does anyone have a good place to start?
> Thanks in advance.
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