Re: Pericyte immunohistochemistry

From:Geoff McAuliffe

Hi Kevin:

    You could write to the authors of the paper and ask if they would 
give (or sell) you some or they might colaborate on a project with you.  
Alternatively, someone in your institutuon or a commercial lab (DAKO, 
Chemicon, Santa Cruz, etc.) could make it for you.


Randall, Kevin J wrote:

>Hi Histonetters
>I'm looking for an immunohistochemical marker for pericytes and so far the
>only specific marker I can find in the literature is a monoclonal mouse IgM
>against the ganglioside 3G5.  This antibody invariably is produced in-house
>by the authors of the papers and does not seem to be available commercially.
>Is anyone aware of a commercial source for this antibody, or can anyone
>suggest an alternative?  Thanks in advance.

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