Re: Mandatory lunch breaks?


Hum...I know Federal law states that a 30  min break needs to be provided.
Offered.  Available. Its in every employee hand book. Thus they are in
compliance with federal law. However I am unaware of any mandate that says
.The employee must take the 30 min break. Only that it is available,
provided, offered. Any thoughts on this?
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> It is included in the Federal Labor Law. We had to start making my
> take lunch (or 30 break after 6 hrs of on the clock).I had a lot of
> employees(myself included) who didn't want to take lunch, but HR dictated
> that we as managers needed to provide the employees with a "break" from
> their work area for 30 minutes(deducted). They also were entitled to two
> minute breaks every four hours( not deducted). Jenny
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> Hi all - In the pathology department at our hospital we prefer NOT to take
> a lunch break, since that puts us 1/2 hour further behind.  The three of
> are already currently working more hours than we would prefer, and do not
> want to stay longer into the day than we already  have to.  We prefer to
> take a 15-20 minute break earlier in the day, and then work thru till the
> work is done.  If we have a new employee or a pool person we tell them
> can take a 1/2 hour lunch if they would like, and that they are also
> entitled to a 15 minute break for each 4 hours they work.  We never tell
> anyone they can't take a lunch.  We just prefer not to take one
> Now administration is telling us we all HAVE to take a 30 minute lunch and
> that it will be deducted from our time cards.  I'm wondering how this is
> handled in other places, and if anyone knows if there is a federal law
> mandating 30 minutes lunches, or if it varies state by state, or per
> unions, etc.  Any input is appreciated!


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