Re:Locating Heart Attacks and Percent Damage

From:Neil Hand


For the last few years, we have used the antibody C9 routinely with an LSAB
technique and DAB as the chromogen to detext myocardial infarction.  Works
a treat.  We have used the antibody raised in sheep from "The Binding Site"
(UK) which requires a donkey anti-sheep secondary also from The Binding
Site.  Because of the recent Foot & Mouth crisis in the UK I am unsure
whether the ab is still available here as I heard the sheep farm may have
been forced to be close down.  The pathologist here who uses this C9 on
Paediatric cases tells me infarction should be detexted after only 3 hours.
As for whether it works on mice, I can not help.  Try it and see. A ref
that I have to hand which may be of interest is: J. Clin Path 1996; vol 19:

Hope this may be of help.

Neil Hand
Histopathology Dept.,
England UK

You wrote:

 I have a investagator that is looking for the best way to
 locate a infarct in a mouse heart, a trichrome was suggested
 but does any one know of another way to detect infarcts.  I.E.
 what to look for in the sample or best stain.  It is more
 difficult since the hearts are only kept alive for 12 hours
 after the infarct, which is too early for a collagen type
 stain.  There is alot of hearts and to have to stain them twice
 seems to be alot of work that might be able to be avoided



Neil Hand
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