Re: IHC - Hematoxylin fading

From:Katri Tuomala

Hi Mary,
I used to have exactly the same problem. It was recommended to me to mount
from TBS pH 7.6 and not from distilled water, which tends to be on acidic
side. I never proved this to myself, since I had changed to DAB by then, but
it's worth a try.


Katri Tuomala
Department of Pathology
St Joseph's Health Care
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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From: "Mary Bryhan" 
Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2003 10:23 AM
Subject: IHC - Hematoxylin fading

> Does anyone have any problems with the hematoxylin fading from their IHC
sections after coverslipping?  We use Mayer's hematoxylin after AEC and
mount with Dako's Glycergel.
> Mary Bryhan

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