Re:Conn's Biological Stains


Dear John,
If you let me have a fax no. I will forward you a copy of my review.  It 
was a most enjoyable task - I trust you find it to be fair.
My comments about "dipping in" to the book are  true reflections of 
what I do!

Trust all is well with you and yours.

My life is as busy as heck with my IBMS role - I come out of the Chair 
at the end of the year.  There have been more "ceremonial" events and 
dinners to attend than I had anticipated.  Revolutionary changes to the 
Health Service has also been enormous.  In the midst of all that, we 
have decided to put a high level examination structure in place to help 
enable our members to compete fro non-medical cansltant posts

After the cytologists doing  fully diagnostic cervical reporting, including 
treatment regimes, we are not far away from dome diagnostic 
histopathlogical reporting. - there are more than one schemes under 

With every best wish,

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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