Re: CAP Question

From:Richard Cartun

We get a print-out of all immunoperoxidase (and immunofluorescence)
requests (by case #) every day.  Once all the slides have been completed
and organized, I sit down with all the immunoperoxidase slides and
review them (including controls).  I then go back to the daily IP log
and indicate (in writing) whether the positive controls were acceptable.
 If there is a problem (+ control negative, tissue loss, etc.), the
problem is noted and a repeat stain ordered.  the logs are kept on file.
 This system has satisfied all CAP inspectors.

Richard Cartun

>>> Laurie Colbert  04/01/03
06:55PM >>>
Can someone explain the following CAP question?  What should we be
doing to comply with this question?

ANP:22850  Are daily records maintained of the quality of
immunohistochemical preparations?

                  NOTE:  This refers to the daily output of the
laboratory and not necessarily to individual slides.

Laurie Colbert

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