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Parkinson's Law: "Work expands to use the resources available for its performance."
The difference between the Taj Mahal and simple headstone was the resources available.
Tell your administrators what they can get for each level of staffing: 3 1/2 techs, 10 slides per case; 2 techs, 5 slides per case, etc.

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Subject: justifying histology FTE

      Hello Histonetters,

      I was wandering what or how some of you are justifying your FTE?  We use to do workload for justification showing how many blocks/slides/stains are being done in the histology lab, but now all that is being asked for is billable test. This by no means justifies FTE.  Ex: we can have one billable test but this one test can include as many as 10 or more blocks and slides. They are wanting to decrease hours and/or even take away one FTE and one part-timer. There is no-way our workload will get down with only two employees. And for some reason Administration does not seem to care about our/my patients. It seems as though the bottom line is $$$$. Any input would be appreciated!


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