RE: human Ab on human

From:Nick Bullough

Hi Joyce,

Is there any particular reason why you can not conjugate the antibody?

I used to do cross reactivity studies for immuno-therapeutic drugs as part
of the FDA submission and we used to conjugate the primary with FITC. This
was perfectly acceptable.

If you absolutely can't conjugate, how about mixing the primary with the
secondary _in-vitro_ and allow them to react, then you need to absorb the
secondary. I used to have a few references for this, but in various moves
these have been lost, the original work was done with mouse primaries on
mouse tissue, I think it was in the the Journal of Histochemistry and
Cytochemistry by workers in Holland.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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From: joyce judge []
Sent: 11 April 2003 13:00
Subject: human Ab on human

I have gone through the histonet archives to look for answers regarding 
Human Ab on Human tissue. I was wondering how people have  resolved this 
issue.  I will need to do IHC on a "humanized" antibody in human tissue and 
we can not biotinylate or conjugate the primary at all.  Can anyone offer 
any help?

Joyce Judge

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