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From:Fred Underwood

I use the Sakura automated coverslipper with the tape.  Slides can be filed after a few hours, but just to be on the safe slide I give them a day at room temp.

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From: Scott Taft  
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Subject: Post coverslip survey

	Hello to all! I would appreciate your help with these questions as I know that all labs have their own way of doing things. After you coverslip your slides and they return to the lab after pathology review: 1. How long do you wait before you file them? 2.If you bake them to accelerate drying, what temperature do you bake   them and how long?  What next? 3. If you don't bake them, why not? 4.Do you use glass or plastic (automated roll) for coverslipping? Thanks in advance,Scott Taft HT ASCP Tucson, AZ 

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