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Now and again conditions arise where I am envious of my First World fellow 
technologists, but this is an occassion where I feel that I am just in the 
right place for me. Due to our murky and hugely unconstitutional past, the 
labour laws here dictate  minimum wage, number of hours worked per week and 
mandatory, paid lunch and "tea" breaks in total 45mins/8hr shift for all 
This is, of course, subject to the type of work one does, surgeons in 
theatre or soldiers on the battle field would not always  be able to claim 
this right.
I would imagine that here is a prime opportunity to fight the laws that 
state that a 16 year old is not entitled to a paid rest. Is the pursuit of 
the almighty dollar so great that the comfort and well-being of a rare  and 
endangered species is not considered?

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I can't believe I am responding, but it seems through all of this reading
that am I to understand someone does NOTwant a lunch break?  Isn't that
moving backwards?  I mean I get a lunch and often work through it at my
own choice.  When it comes to pay and benefits, I guess it gets murky.  I
say, take the half hour and read HISTONET!

Jenny Oblander 
04/10/03 10:02 AM

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I copied this out of the Oklahoma Wage and Labor Department. This was in
their FAQ section:

. Are breaks and lunch periods mandatory?

Neither federal nor state law require employers to provide breaks to
employees age 16 or older.  Mandatory break laws only apply to children
under the age of 16. Breaks and lunch periods are considered benefits and
remain at the discretion of the employer.

So, No it is not required(by Law), but may be a requirement of your
employer.Check your State Labor Department for the specifics in your
particular area. I'm wondering if they are tying this into a Health and
Safety  concern? Jenny

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Hum...I know Federal law states that a 30  min break needs to be provided.
Offered.  Available. Its in every employee hand book. Thus they are in
compliance with federal law. However I am unaware of any mandate that says
.The employee must take the 30 min break. Only that it is available,
provided, offered. Any thoughts on this?
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 > It is included in the Federal Labor Law. We had to start making my
 > take lunch (or 30 break after 6 hrs of on the clock).I had a lot of
 > employees(myself included) who didn't want to take lunch, but HR
 > that we as managers needed to provide the employees with a "break" from
 > their work area for 30 minutes(deducted). They also were entitled to two
 > minute breaks every four hours( not deducted). Jenny
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 > Hi all - In the pathology department at our hospital we prefer NOT to
 > a lunch break, since that puts us 1/2 hour further behind.  The three of
 > are already currently working more hours than we would prefer, and do
 > want to stay longer into the day than we already  have to.  We prefer to
 > take a 15-20 minute break earlier in the day, and then work thru till
 > work is done.  If we have a new employee or a pool person we tell them
 > can take a 1/2 hour lunch if they would like, and that they are also
 > entitled to a 15 minute break for each 4 hours they work.  We never tell
 > anyone they can't take a lunch.  We just prefer not to take one
 > Now administration is telling us we all HAVE to take a 30 minute lunch
 > that it will be deducted from our time cards.  I'm wondering how this is
 > handled in other places, and if anyone knows if there is a federal law
 > mandating 30 minutes lunches, or if it varies state by state, or per
 > unions, etc.  Any input is appreciated!

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