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From:"Dawson, Glen"

We are required to take a 30 min. lunch break here as well.  I've heard most
of the lab gets two 15 min. breaks but that rarely happens in histo.
But...if I absolutely can't take my lunch break, I add 30 min. to my time
card and put "workload" or "no lunch" in the column labelled "reason".  I
get a kick out of places that won't allow a tech the time to take a lunch
break and then chastises them for not doing so.  If a lunchbreak is being
taken out of your day's hours, take one, and then refer the angry
pathologists/clinicians to the person/persons pressing the issue.

Glen D.

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It is included in the Federal Labor Law. We had to start making my employees
take lunch (or 30 break after 6 hrs of on the clock).I had a lot of
employees(myself included) who didn't want to take lunch, but HR dictated
that we as managers needed to provide the employees with a "break" from
their work area for 30 minutes(deducted). They also were entitled to two 15
minute breaks every four hours( not deducted). Jenny 

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Subject: Mandatory lunch breaks?

Hi all - In the pathology department at our hospital we prefer NOT to take
a lunch break, since that puts us 1/2 hour further behind.  The three of us
are already currently working more hours than we would prefer, and do not
want to stay longer into the day than we already  have to.  We prefer to
take a 15-20 minute break earlier in the day, and then work thru till the
work is done.  If we have a new employee or a pool person we tell them they
can take a 1/2 hour lunch if they would like, and that they are also
entitled to a 15 minute break for each 4 hours they work.  We never tell
anyone they can't take a lunch.  We just prefer not to take one ourselves..
Now administration is telling us we all HAVE to take a 30 minute lunch and
that it will be deducted from our time cards.  I'm wondering how this is
handled in other places, and if anyone knows if there is a federal law
mandating 30 minutes lunches, or if it varies state by state, or per
unions, etc.  Any input is appreciated!

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