RE: IHC - Hematoxylin fading

From:Rena Fail

We use Mayer's Hematoxylin after new fuchsin and did have fading of both
the counterstain and chromogin usining aquamount and DAKO glycergel.  We
use DAKO's ultramount,wipe around the tissue, drop  on the ultramount
(no coverslip) dry the slides in a 60 degree oven 5-10 minutes,dip
quickly in xylene, and coverslip with a permanent mounting media. We
have been using  this method for over a year, so far no fading

Rena Fail

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From: Chris van der Loos [] 
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2003 2:56 AM
Subject: RE: IHC - Hematoxylin fading

Dear Mary,
We observe the same problem and never found a good solution to prevent
We keep the slides away from direct light and take pictures as quickly
we can. Eventually, we lift the coverslip, rinse the section with
tapwater and re-counterstain it with haematoxilin.
Chris van der Loos
Dept. of Cardiovascular Pathology
Academical Medical Center
Amsterdam - The Netherlands

 >Date: 3 Apr 2003 09:45:43 -0600
 >From: Mary Bryhan 
 >Subject: IHC - Hematoxylin fading
 >Does anyone have any problems with the hematoxylin fading from their
IHC  >sections after coverslipping?  We use Mayer's hematoxylin after
AEC and  >mount  >with Dako's Glycergel.  >  >Mary Bryhan

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