RE: Histotech shortage

From:Bernard Ian R SSgt 59 CRES/MSROP

I consider the histonet job search a good thing.
I think most folk I know favor for it than the against.
In a few I will be using it as I transition form the military with a wealth
& breath of experience and education.

God Bless you all on putting this out

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Subject: RE: Histotech shortage

I do not care to be contacted by recruiters. I appreciate the the job they
do, and I'm sure there is a ready market now and will be more so, in the
future. I wish you good success. There is already an arrangement on the
histonet for those having jobs available and those seeking jobs. I think it
works pretty well, and you certainly can take advantage of the service.
Yes, if I was looking to relocate, and needed a job,  I would be very much
interested in your service. However, until then, I would consider it
Ben Shelkowsky  HTL (ASCP)
Monterey, Ca. 93950

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	Subject: RE: Histotech shortage
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	I think it is a good thing.  Pointing histotechs in the direction of
	better job is a beautiful thing.  Though many in management would
beg to
	differ, the histotech shortage is real and employers need the techs
that you
	could provide.   Also, in spite of the fact that there is a
shortage, there
	are a significant number of techs being treated poorly in their
	positions that could use your help to get out of the door (a good
	is like a piece of gold and employers failing to acknoledge this
deserve to
	lose them).
	My 2 cents,
	Glen Dawson
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	From: Tommy Vedilago []
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	To: Histonet (E-mail)
	Subject: Histotech shortage
	I wanted to pose a question to the Histology community and any
	would be helpful. I am new to the recruiting business and am looking
	that "niche" where there is a high demand for quality people. My
question is
	, in general, how do you feel about being contacted by recruiters
looking to
	fill positions. Do you find that it is an unwelcome distraction or
do you
	feel that efforts in recruiting are generally beneficial to the
field? I
	have gotten mixed reactions and I feel that this may be a good forum
to get
	some feedback.
	Tommy Vedilago
	System 1 Search
	(864) 627-0012
	(864) 627-0013 Fax

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