RE: Cost of Tissue Processors

From:"Locallo, Catherine"


I was fortunate enough to have beta tested the instrument at Mass. General
and New England medical center in 2001.  The instrument is easy to use has
on line context help for each screen.  The instrument has a touch screen and
the instrument provides you with excellent QA information.  It also has
remote fill and drain.  You will never have to take out a bottle again to
fill.  I highly recommend it and have just purchased two instrument.

I don't know where you live but you can contact Leica at 1-800 248-0123.

Cathy Locallo BA HT(ASCP)HTL(ASCP)
Director Anatomic Pathology
Childrens Memorial Hospital
Chicago, Il
(773) 868-8949

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> Hi Netters,
> It is Budget time again and I have been asked to come up with a price for
> a new
> Processor (ASAP, of course).
> I haven't bought one in years 'n years 'n years, so I can't even make a
> guess.
> Would some of you send me some ball park numbers please. Vendors welcome,
> of
> course.
> We are in Northeast USA, by the way.
> Thanks very much.
> Marge

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