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From:"Morken, Tim"

Laurie, This concerns the QA of your controls, antibodies and reagents. For
instance, do you keep records that the controls for a given antibody worked
as expected on the days run? Are reagents at the proper pH, and is that
recorded? Do you date all reagents, track expiration dates, and document
that? These area the basic documentary procedures to allow you to track QA
if a problem comes up.

Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta

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Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 6:56 PM
Subject: CAP Question

Can someone explain the following CAP question?  What should we be doing to
comply with this question?

ANP:22850  Are daily records maintained of the quality of
immunohistochemical preparations?

                  NOTE:  This refers to the daily output of the laboratory
and not necessarily to individual slides.

Laurie Colbert

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