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Hi Beth,
I am assuming that the tissue sections are being picked up on "Plus" slides.  There are plenty of ways to perform HIER without boiling which is what is probably loosening the tissue from the slide.  She could try HIER in a pressure cooker, i.e. Biocare's Decloaking Chamber, or a steamer, i.e. Black & Decker's, or try bringing the slides & buffer just up to a bare simmer in a microwave, then transfer them to a 93-95 degree waterbath for the duration.  Hope one of these methods helps.
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Dear Netters,


Please bear in mind that I am a novice regarding IHC.  We have a client working with mouse paws.  We are decalcifying the paws in formic acid, rinsing then processing.  We are embedding in paraffin and cutting them at 4 microns.  We have used a variety of slides to allow for the sections to adhere to the slides as good as possible.  Once the client receives our prepared unstained slides, she is doing antigen retrieval and boiling the slides at 95 degrees.  She is having some tissue float from the slides and would like to get around antigen retrieval to alleviate this problem.  She has tried staining without antigen retrieval but is not getting the desired stain.  Is there another way to get a nice, crisp stain without antigen retrieval?  Is there other ways to do antigen retrieval without the boiling?  Any input is greatly appreciated.


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