Position opening at CDC Atlanta in near future

From:"Morken, Tim"

A repeat of a previous message:

Position opening at CDC in Atlanta
This is not an official announcement, but a friendly "heads-up". The remarks
here are completely unofficial and are only my personal observations.
Within the next few months, there will be a position opening for an
experienced Histotechnologist at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta,
GA, a US Federal Government agency under the Health and Human Services
Department.  From what I understand at this point, the plan is to announce
the position as a Biologist and as a Medical Technologist.  Pay grade is at
the GS-9 or GS-11 level, depending on education and experience.  Please do
not let the position announcement titles fool you - the work is indeed more
related to a Histotechnologist position than a Med Tech.   In order to apply
for the postion, any interested person will need to check the announcements
on the CDC job announcement website. Announcements are posted on Wednesdays
and Fridays.   I will try to let you know when it is announced, but please
watch the job board too:
The ideal candidate will have a very strong background in routine and
specialized histology procedures. Immunohistochemistry expericence is not
necessary, but would be advantagous.  Typically, a BA or BS degree in a
science field plus experience in histotechnology will be a minimum
requirement. HTL certification desirable, but not required.  US citizenship
is required. The position will be in the histology section of the Infectious
Disease Pathology Activity (IDPA), which deals with all diagnostic tissue
samples sent to CDC and with all research projects involving tissues.  In
addition to routine diagnostic activity, the group performs infectious
disease research and supports investigations of many infectious disease
outbreaks around the world.  Recent examples of IDPA outbreak involvement
include Ebola, West Nile, anthrax, and SARS.   Everyone in IDPA has the
opportunity to participate at many different levels of research and to learn
many different types of lab methods.  Occasionally, laboratory staff are
offered the opportunity to present their work at national meetings and
attend training courses to enhance their skills.  The only limitation is
that which the individual sets on themselves.

Staff at present: 4 pathologists, 5 histotechnolgists, 3 electron
microscopists, 2 molecular biologists, support staff, 2 research fellows,
several students.
Equipment in the lab: microm and leica microtomes, sakura DRS and DRS2000
H&E stainers, 3 DAKO and 1 Biogenex IHC stainers, 2 each TBS slide and
cassette labelers, 2 Sakura tissue processors, Hacker milestone microwave
tissue processor, 2 Shandon grosslab-senior grossing hoods, fully equipped
molecular biology lab, Zeiss laser capture microdissection instrument, DNA
sequencer, fully equipped electron microscopy suite with 3 TEMs.  Each staff
member also has their own desk and computer. 
I can say from personal experience that this is an excellent place to work.
The work is always interesting and challenging and new things come up every
week.  There are no routine days. The group is very outgoing, and friendly
teamwork is the norm, although the individual can grow professionally as
much as they desire. 
If you are in the Atlanta area, or could relocate, please consider this very
desirable position. 
Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta

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