Orcein staining for elastic fibres in skin


Please could anyone help me on which protocol to use for orcein staining 
for elastic fibres in skin?

I have several protocols and I'm not sure which one to use.  I have a basic 
protocol (stain rehydrated sections with orcein, dehydrate and mount) and 
protocols which involve prior stages of oxidising with potassium 
permanganate, bleaching with oxalic acid and immersion in periodic acid.  I 
am aware that orcein also stains for Hep B antigen in liver tissue, 
therefore, I wasn't sure whether these extra steps are something to do with 
the tissue being stained.

I need to stain frozen sections of skin and therefore, was also wondering 
whether air drying and fixing in 10% formalin, would be OK for this 
histological stain?

Kind regards,

Nicola Cragg
Epistem Ltd.
Manchester, UK

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