LIAM & corrupt email



I read your email 17 times in one digest of histonet. Not to mention all the REPLYS that went with it.

I think that the problem exists because people are set up to receive invividual emails and they hit the 'reply' button when responding to someone rather than beginning a new email.  I run a list online and we encounter this problem all the time with people set up to receive digest mail.  On certain types of email providers, you are able choose whether you'd like to see all, part or none of the headers, footers, and prior emails/messages.  On certain types of email providers, you are not able to choose.

I'm having the same problem you are, but I don't think there is anything I can do about it because I'm on 'digest' and not 'individual emails'.  Since the entire message is sent to histonet and they are compiled into one large email, everything has to be included in that one email.  So, i'm thinking the only thing to do is ask histonetters to try to delete the prior 'stuff' when replying.  Of course, I could be totally wrong about everything and I'll apologize now for the thousand times this email will appear in everyone's messages when they reply to tell me just how wrong I am. 

Good Luck Liam & everyone who has the same problem....

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