Curly hair problem

Dear Histonest,

I subsribed to Histonet a while back and this is my Maiden Question - from a maiden having trouble with lice. In my lab cutting sections is a new job. I borrowed a microtome from a lab on the floor below, and they showed me how to make ribbons.

The trichologist (my boss) wants longways sections of single curly hairs to look at eggs and larvas of lice. She says our routine methods of shafting and scraping damage the looks of baby insects. She wants see them there on the hair eating and growing.  

I can stretch the hairs straight for the fixing alcoholing xyling and waxing and cut sections with a straight inch. They float on warm water but then they curl up when the slides dry. Are there clever tricks to make curly hair sections submit and lie flat when they are done?

Will another subcriber post a helpful histonet letter to tell me what to do and help everyone else in the world at the samme time? 

Wellima Numble RLT
Technician, Section of Trichology
Havelock Ellis Building
National Laboratory of Pubic Health

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