Crystal Mount

From:Anissa Choi

We use Crystal Mount for our immuno slides done with AEC kit on Ventana
Nexus IHC. From time to time, we notice some tiny, refractile granules
on the sections after the slides are mounted . In the same batch of slides, 
only some show this artefact but not all.
We put control section on the same slide with patient tissue section
for QC purpose. Sometimes, the controls are fine but the tests are
all covered with the artefact granules. I have found that by drying
slides mounted with Crystal Mount at 37 degree C overnight helps to
solve this problem. However, our pathologists do not want to wait an
extra day. I would like to look at other alternative aqueous mounting
media .  Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Anissa Choi
Anatomical Pathology
Burnaby Hospital
Burnaby B.C.

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