Control Slides

From:Priscilla Delventhal

Hello to all in Histo Land---

I've been asked to query how other labs handle obtaining their control

I have always used biopsies from previous patients for some controls,
such as Trichrome, Iron, PAS, Elastic, Mucin, Gram, H. Pylori, etc.

For specific organisms, I have relied on access to our control bank
from NSH.

How many of you buy all of your control slides? 
How many of you use previous tissue from your cases?  
How many use some purchased and some from your patients?

Most specifically, I need to know how many use their previous patient
tissue for a control once it is established by their pathologist that
it is an appropriate control.

Thanks for all of your imput.  I would give more history about why I
need this information, but I want your responses to be unbiased  :-).

Priscilla in Central Wyoming

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