CAP xylene monitoring standard

From:Jeffrey Silverman

There is no requirement for ongoing xylene monitoring. The formalin monitoring can be suspended if personnel and  work place conditions remain the same after obtaining levels within OSHA limits. From the CAP website-------v

ANP.24150             Phase II


Are formaldehyde and xylene vapor concentrations maintained below the following maxima, expressed as parts per million?



8 hr Time-Weighted Exposure Limit

15 min Short-Term Average








NOTE:  Initial monitoring must be repeated any time there is a change in production, equipment, process, personnel, or control measures which may result in new or additional exposure to formaldehyde.  Periodic formaldehyde monitoring is mandated only if the initial monitoring is at or exceeds 0.75 ppm (8‑hr TWA) or 2.0 ppm (STEL).  The laboratory may discontinue periodic formaldehyde monitoring if results from 2 consecutive sampling periods taken at least 7 days apart show that employee exposure is below the action level and the short‑term exposure limit, and no change in production, equipment, process or personnel or control measures that may result in new or additional exposure to formaldehyde, and no reports of conditions that may be associated with formaldehyde exposure.  There is no requirement for periodic monitoring of xylene.



Jeff Silverman

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