Thanks to all (GI bx's)

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry on the GI biopsies. It is my personal belief that our processing schedule is too harsh on the biopsies thus resulting in the dryness and chatter. The chatter is sporadic and although today, I used cut some of them warm, the chatter was reduced but not as bad. The liver bx's still looked like %^$! and some of the GI's had chatter around the outer edges.

As for my lab manager, she is not a histotech and since those guys have soaked everything in ammonia for the last one hundred years, that is the way it will stay unless I do my own studies and present my findings. Speaking from my own experience, I've never used ammonia water (can't tolerate the smell!) . I've always faced my blocks, placed them on wet ice and have never had problems with any sectioning. I just can't explain this problem that includes blocks that were soaked in ammonia water if that's the supposed "cure all".  Arguing about this now is a moot point until I have data collected on my side. At any rate, thanks to everyone who responded.

Donna Barlow

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