Removal of Bouin's before processing

From:"Su, Phy-Huynh"

Dear Histonetters,
We have bovine tendons fixed with Bouins.  According to Luna
(Histopathologic methods and color atlas of special stains and tissue
artifacts) and Carson (Histotechnology), Bouin's should be removed before
processing, whereas Sheehan Hrapchak (Theory and practice of
Histotechnology) states that it will be removed in the 50% batch, so removal
of Bouin's prior to processing is not necessary.

What's the majority opinions of experienced users? Are 4 changes in at least
20 volume of 50% EtOH in 2 days enough to remove Bouin's?  The yellow color
of picric acid is still there, even after several weeks in 50% EtOH, but it
doesn't mean that Bouin's is not completely removed, does it?  If it's not,
then how will Bouin's be efficiently removed before processing?  How do you
make 70% EtOH saturated with Licarbonate???  I've tried to add 1%
LiCarbonate solution into alcohol, starting at 100%, 95%, 70%, and then 50%
EtOH.  LiCarbonate doesn't precipitate out easily in 50% EtOH only.  But the
final concentration of alcohol is off course, nowhere near 70%.  100% and
95% alcohol will precipitate out LiCarbonate immediately, doesn't matter how
minute the added volume.  According to the Merck index, LiCarbonate is
"practically insoluble in alcohol".  I also tried to add some solid
LiCarbonate to 70% EtOH, namely 0.05%.  It doesn't go into solution.  

Thank you for your input.

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