Re: zinc formalin


i have been using zinc formalin for everything in my lab for at least the last 6
years.  no cons that i know of, lots of pros, i have almost completely
illiminated the need for any HIER and can use mild enzyme digestion as
pretreatment or none at all.  there was a rumor that zinc formalin percipitated
out damaging tissue processors, i have not experienced this at all, even when my
tissues are processed with FF tissues on the routine histo processor.
patsy ruegg

"Karnes, Lori SDH" wrote:

> I would like to know if anyone is using zinc formalin routinely for fixation
> in their lab. What are the pro's and con's  if any. Thanks in advance
> Lori Karnes ART
> Tech III, Histology Lab
> Saskatoon District Health

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