Re: p24

From:Richard Cartun

We use DAKO's anti-p24 HIV mAb with their EnVision+ detection and AEC
chromogen.  In the past we used enzyme (pepsin) digestion, but more
recently we have seen excellent results with HIER (96 degree waterbath)
pretreatment.  What are you using for a positive control?

R. Cartun  

>>> ANN MARUSKA  04/22/02 06:24PM >>>
Hi there,

Anyone out there is Histoland doing an IHC stain for HIV using antibody
p24 from Dako?
I have been trying to work it up on on tissue fixed in Shreks and
processed for a researcher. There are plasma cells present - but the
specimen came from some 3rd world country and has set in this fixative
for a few weeks. far, no staining.  Have not been able to determine if it is
my tissue or protocol that is giving me the problem......all suggestions


Ann Maruska
Fairview-University Medical Center
Mpls. MN  55454 

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