Re: freezing AFB tissue

Nancy asks >>I understand why NOT to use an aerosol when freezing AFB tissue. 
Does anyone know where I can find documentation to support this? I need to 
include it in  a lab wide safety manual.<<

Well, let's just document it right here.

Acid fast bacilli are easily spread in infectious aerosols which are a hazard 
to everyone in the laboratory. It is extremely important to avoid Freon 
sprays and other potential aerosol sources when dealing with tissues known to 
be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Since any human tissue may 
contain etiologic agents of infectious disease, Freon sprays are best avoided 
in all clinical cryomicrotomy.

Robert S. Richmond, M.D., F.C.A.P., F.A.S.C.P.
Knoxville, Tennessee
HistoNet, April 27th, 2002

I think this note should serve as quite adequate documentation of something 
that is common knowledge, or ought to be. Pardon my pomposity, but to strive 
against tuberculosis and bureaucracy together is a worthy cause.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist

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