Re: Tryosine Hydroxylase antibody

From:Geoff McAuliffe

    Pel-Freez Biologicals in Rogers, Arkansas makes a good anti-TH.
1-800-643-3426. I have had good results on mouse adrenal with this AB and an
Vector ABC Elite kit, the regular ABC kit did not work, not sensitive enough I
suppose. Of course, adrenal medullary cells are loaded with TH and thus are an
easy target. Fine nerve fibers in the CNS might be another kettle of fish.
    Someone mentioned the anti-TH from Eugene Tech. I had excellent results
with this AB but I think Eugene Tech is out of business? wrote:

> I am looking for a Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibody that works in
> paraformaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded mouse tissue. If anyone knows of
> an appropriate antibody or even a journal reference of someone who has used
> one please share the information with me. Thank you
> Anita

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