Re: Third class countries polemics

From:Amos Brooks

    Not to delve into the fray, but I think I should pass on a bit of
netiquette (social rule specifically for internet use) that I have picked
up. It is usually bad form to pass on messages to an e-mail list or news
group that has been sent to you personally (not on the list) without
permission. It can cause hurt feelings and other problems. I am not trying
to single anyone out but it is important to keep separate conversations in
their proper perspective.
Nothing personal, Just a hard learned tip,
Amos Brooks

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From: "Agustín Venzano" 
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Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 1:26 PM
Subject: Third class countries polemics

Dear netters: Please read how many postings have been forwarded to me
replying to my complain on something I've read in a recent Digest. But first
take a short break to think what do you all live for, what are your highest
values in life, what is the truth, what do you do for others' benefit...what
is God expecting from all of you..., what kind of legacy will you leave for
others after your death....

Sincerely yours

Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
INTA Castelar, Argentina

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