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You should read what Agustine wrote before YOU go off on a diatribe.  I see no
hate in his posting, only a little envy.  In his position, with the Argentinian
economy in the shambles it is in, I don't blame him for that.

In passing, it may be worth mentioning that Argentina was the sixth richest
country in the world before Péron took over in a military coup (backed by the
US).  Although most of their economic problems are the making of their own
politicians, the dictates of the IMF in recent years (lead by the US), and the
plunder of their industry by (mainly) US companies have also done significant

Adrian Leek.

Dawson, Glen wrote:

> Agustine,
> I don't recall EVER referring to the Argentine Republic as "Third World" so
> you should save the diatribe for whomever it was that did and leave the rest
> of us out of it.  I do need to shed some light on a few things for you
> though.  Your assumption that researchers in the capitolist pigdog USA have
> unlimited funds is WRONG.  Your assumption that only researchers in your
> country sacrifice and perform miracles is WRONG.  Like most histotechs here,
> I live from check to check with very little room for extravagance, so, don't
> hate us because we are all rich, hate us because we live in a country of the
> people, for the people, and by the people because THAT is why you should
> truly be envious.
> Glen A. Dawson  BS, HT & IHC (ASCP)
> Lead IHC Technologist
> Milwaukee, WI
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> Subject: Third class countries?
> Dear Histonetters: My dear fatherland, the Argentine Republic, belongs to
> the South American "Third World" a rather despective topic referred to in a
> recent
> Digest. You are right, we belong to the Third World, but just as to our
> awful economic status. Don't you ever make the mistake to judge a  foreign
> country on the basis of material aspects, leaving aside its human being's
> spiritual value!
> Many Argentine cytizens are as valuable as First World's people and they are
> certainly as clever as, or even more intelligent than them!
> We Argentine researchers form part of the Argentine Republic, so the above
> mentioned principles should be applied to us as well. Do you know what's the
> major difference between Argentine and American, European or Japanese
> researchers?
> Just one= The budget they have at their disposition, including their wages'
> level. Let's put  forth an example :Our Institute, the National Institute of
> Agricultural Research (INTA) is
> formed by top level specialists ( Please make a proper interpretation of the
> term "Specialists" as this one is meant for both scientists and technics) in
> Agronomic,
> Veterinary, Biological, etc. Sciences. Most of us have achieved a MSc or PhD
> degree
> or attended training courses abroad.  All of us do love our job, but due to
> our spoiled economy
> the funds of all Argentine federal Institutions such as INTA have been
> severely restricted,
> so we often have to perform miracles to carry out our duties. The current
> INTA's budget is hardly enough to pay salaries and basic operating services
> such as electric power, gas, telephone and Internet. There are no funds for
> Investigation! All research groups get financial support through cooperation
> agreements with private companies or with fully developed foreign countries,
> or
> instead by performing charged analysis.
> I'm sure that my country's situation will improve in the future,
> otherwise all of us should commit suicide! But there are the love of our
> wives and children, the love of people suffering hunger and misery, the love
> for our jobs, the love for our fatherland and many other values, which help
> us keeping up with Argentina's economic disaster.
> Sincerely yours Histonetters
> Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
> DVM-Pathology Group
> INTA Castelar, Argentina

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