Re: School in Deep Freeze

Hi Tim,

I graduated from Wayne's program.  Great topic!  I wonder if they ever made a
memorial for Wayne at the Histology School.  Wayne was a great man.  I bet
many histology folks remember Wayne Kampa.

Steve Postl

                    Tim Plummer                                                                                    
                                         Subject:     Re: School in Deep Freeze                                    
                    01:47 PM                                                                                       

I was just thinking of the late Wayne Kampa the other
day as I currently work in his old pre Eau Claire lab
building at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  It would be
nice to see how many of his former students are
hanging around on the Histonet.

Tim Plummer
Transplantation Biology Research
Mayo Clinic
Kampa Class of 86

--- "" 
> "The school of Kampa"....I love it!!! LOL!!! Maybe
> we graduates should all get
> tee shirts saying "I SURVIVED THE SCHOOL OF
> KAMPA"!!!
> In all seriousness though, he ran one heck of a
> Histology program.
> LuAnn Anderson
> Neuropathology Lab
> University of Minnesota
> "Kampa" class of '82'.
> >
> > Ah yes, the school of Kampa--quite nice.  Many
> alumni are scattered to the
> > four corners of the globe but still crawl out of
> the woodwork to spout
> > witticisms and other obtuse comments.

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