Re: School in Deep Freeze

From:Tracey Smith

Ah yes, the school of Kampa--quite nice.  Many alumni are scattered to the four corners of the globe but still crawl out of the woodwork to spout witticisms and other obtuse comments.  But to the question,you must mean Argosy U.(formerly MIM), in Bloomington.  Contact Bob Brunner, the program director at 952-844-2004. Don't know the e-mail ar net address. 

>>> David Slinger  05/01/02 10:01AM >>>
You must be referring to Frost Bite Falls College.  Their most notable alumni were Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Dave-Children's Hospital
In the deep freeze

>>>  04/30/02 01:29PM >>>
Histo Net:

What was the name of that school in Minneapolis, MN that has a Histology
program?  How can I get in contact with them?

I know somebody that my be interested in going this route to become a Histo
Tech.  The school I went to in Eau Claire, WI has since shut down their

Thanks in advance.

Stephen J. Scholz HT(ASCP)
Histology Laboratory
OSF St. Anthony Medical Center
Rockford Illinois

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