Re: ? Problems with xylene and subs


Once you receive your samples, there is a compatibility test you can
perform. To do this, place one drop of solvent adjacent to a drop of
mounting medium on a glass slide and cover with a coverslip. Incompatiblity
will be demonstrated by either a cloudy residue or formation of air bubbles
between the joining solutions.

I have found in my experiences that I have had the most difficulty with
limonenes. The smell makes me ill, and many mountants were not compatible.
My other dilema has been using a Toluene based mounting media with a Xylene
based mounting media. They are not compatible. I do believe that you can
used the Toluene based mountants with Xylene Substitutes. Most of the
Xylene based mountants seem to work okay with the xylene substitutes also.

I have only used Clearite and Propar as sustitutes recently. I have not had
any problems with them or different mountant types.

Hope this helps.

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Melissa Jensen  on 04/27/2002 07:39:40 PM


Subject:  ? Problems with xylene and subs

We have a current dilemma in our lab..One prep tech  had a reaction to the
xylene that caused her massive headaches.When the xylene  was removed and a
sub used,her headaches went away.Now the other prep tech,while  using
substitute..clear right..and the mounting media that goes with is having
alot of trouble..I mean she turns white!Nausea etc....Any
suggestions?...The  problem with substitutes is that not all mounting media
is compatible..witch is  a pain..ya have to wait a week or 2 fro a
sample..etc..And we don't know if its  the media or the sub! Also One
pathologist refuses to have any citres smelling  sub

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