Re: OT( scientific, not silly) Teratology

From:nina leek

My OED gives "lore  -  alt. lora" to mean a strap-like appendage in or on
animals (among other meanings).  If it is derived from Latin, and of the same
declension(?) as "stigma", the plural would be "lorata".
My guess is that they are tissue flaps, perhaps like those weird things goats
have on their necks.
The wonders of language!
Adrian Leek.

marjorie lehman wrote:

> I'll bet someone on this list can help a colleague of mine.
> He is trying to find the definition of "lorata" used in connection with
> teratology studies. The context is that after XXXX was applied to the skin of
> dam lorata appeared on pups at (whatever) age.
> We can't find it in dictionaries, texts or on the net.
> We'd really like to know what this is. Any help will be appreciated.
> Marge Lehman

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