Re: LCM and humidity

From:Amos Brooks

    I have heard that this can affect the lift off procedure.
Troubleshooting this to this level can lead in any direction ... you'll be
chasing your tail. So I did what I could to eliminate this possibility. The
only time your room humidity is going to be an issue is between the time the
sections are cut and the time they are in staining solution (assuming your
solutions are fresh). So while they are drying and awaiting staining, I keep
them in a sealed container with DRIRITE crystals. These will soak up any
humidity in the container and it is no longer a variable.
Amos Brooks

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> Does anyone know if the humidity of a room has any impact on the
> effectiveness of cell pick-up using laser capture microdissection.  If so,
> what is an optimum percent humidity?

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