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I must have been experiencing a 'Senior Moment' when this question was first
Not too surprising, when you consider that I last used this formulation
in-----uumm, well---ll, it was along time ago.
Today, upon suddenly awaking from my late afternoon 'rest', the neurons seem
to have kicked in and the following emerged from some dark recess.
C.E. Jenkins recommended the following alcoholic acid solution for the
fixation and decalcification of bone.

73.0 mL... 100% Alcohol, (presumably 74 OP spirit, since I believe he was
Glaswegian !)
10.0 mL .. Distilled water
4.0 mL......Concentrated HCl
3.0 mL......Glacial acetic acid
10.0 mL....Chloroform

He suggested that a human rib would be fixed and decalcified in 48 hours.
I seem to remember that a longer time was required.
The reference is; J.Path.Bact., 24: p166, 1921. at least that's what my
student notes say.
Yes! I did have to look up the details. But I did remember where they were.


Bryan R. Hewlett
Technical Specialist
Anatomical Pathology
Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
Ontario, Canada

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> Sorry, Patsy...I can't lay claim to this formula...sounds interesting
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