Re: Jenkins


never heard of Jenkins decal solution, is it related to Linda Jenkins who does a
lot of bone work?

Agustín Venzano wrote:

> Hi Histonetters: Has anyone out there ever tested Jenkins decalcifying
> solution? We've ourselves switched from Formic acid-Na Citrate to Jenkins
> due to several reasons:
> 1. We don't currently process bone tissues in our lab.
> 2. We only use decalcifyers when processing mixed tumors or tuberculous
> focuses.
> 3. That's why we don't need applying strong decalcifying solutions.
> 4. Formic acid-Na Cit. sol. did O.K., but we got tired of weighing Na
> citrate and overnight running water!
> 5. Jenkins turned out to be an optimal procedure solely requiring to mix
> some liquid reagents.
> Can you share your own experience with Jenkins decalcifying solution? Do you
> know an equally practical method?
> Thank you
> Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
> DVM-Pathology Group
> INTA Castelar, Argentina
> Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton

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