Re: Innoculation of Helicobacter..phase 1

From:Melissa Jensen

No.At this point it is legal to use tissue that would normally be disposed
of, as a control...I know there is alot of talk about  the Tissue Traffic
and confidentiality concerning tissue being sent for research.The tissue  we
are using is for our lab only.Wont be sold or sent to a research lab,nor is
there a name attached to it in any way.
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> <<  For those of us wanting to make our own hp controls read on......I
> with our Micro Dept..They purchased hp qc bugs.I talked with our
> prior.When the hp came.One pathologist had a fresh autopsy,He gave me a
> sample of lung.Micro made a broth with the hp.Tissue was incubated >>
> just curious - do you get specific consent from next of kin to use autopsy
> tissues for this purpose?

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