Re: Fixol

From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

Did anyone ever reply to you on this?

I used some internet engine searches, and found nothing related to tissue.

I did find different products, all called FIXOL, being used as:

- degreaser
- epoxy glue for metals or plastics
- neutralizer for hair permanents
- non-formaldehyde dye fixing agent for dying cloth (silk)
- acid hardening fixing salt for photography or x-ray developing

Very few sites were in English. I found sites that were French, German,
Spanish, Italian, several Scandinavian, Czech, India (that was in English),
some in Russia and other languages that would not show on the screen as the
letters of their alphabet did not translate, etc.

And since I can't really read other languages, particularly technical, I
couldn't decipher more than what I have written above.

So, now I'm REALLY curious about using FIXOL on tissues.

Please, let us know what you found out!

Peggy Wenk
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2002 9:30 AM
Subject: Fixol

> Can someone enlighten me on "Fixol".  We recently received a lymphoma
> case for consultative immunohistochemistry and the tissue fixed in
> formalin showed one immunophenotype while tissue from the same tumor
> fixed in "Fixol" showed a different immunophenotype.  Thanks!
> R. Cartun

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