Re: DAB+nickel no primary problem

From:Cathy Gorrie

>Sorry, this won't help you at all, but I use a similar technique and 
>I have never encountered this problem.

Do you filter your DAB/nickel solution before applying it to the tissue?


At 3:35 PM -0400 25/4/02, Donna McCleary wrote:
>Hello histonet!
>I am currently using an ABC immunostain protocol that incorporates 
>DAB and nickel for visualization.  Unfortunately, I sometimes get
>intense staining of my no primary controls.  In the past, making up 
>a fresh batch of TBS solved the problem, however today the fresh TBS
>still turned my no primary controls (and all the other tissue as 
>well) into charcoal.  Has anyone else encountered this and what was 
>Donna McCleary
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>Pharmacology & Therapeutics
>University of South Florida
>College of Medicine

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