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We recently started doing this IHC..Thanks for your explanation.I will keep
it in mind as I continue to cut endless extra slides on prostates! LOL
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> Richard Cartun replies to Shannon Klassen:
> >>Dr. Allen Gown's high molecular weight cytokeratin monoclonal antibody
> (clone 34BetaE12) which is now available through DAKO Corporation (M0630).
> believe the "903" is the catalog number used by Enzo Diagnostics for this
> antibody.<<
> For the working general surgical pathologist, this is probably the most
> frequently useful immunostain out there. It stains the basal cells of
> prostatic glands very strongly. Since the malignant glands of prostatic
> adenocarcinoma lack basal cells, the absence of staining is strong
> that small groups of suspicious glands are in fact malignant. It's a
> blunt-edged weapon in the hands of a duffer, but when used by an
> pathologist it's about as close to "a special stain for cancer" as you're
> going to see.
> An experienced prostate pathologist may use it on 5% of prostate biopsy
> specimens, and call at least half those cases cancer. A less experienced
> pathologist might go 10%, with proportionately fewer calls of cancer. The
> stain is useful enough that it dictates cutting extra slides on every
> prostate biopsy, since recutting often loses the small focus I'm looking
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist
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