Re: CK 903

From:Cathie Crukley

I believe that CK 903 was sold by Enzo and was actually a catalogue number, it is cytokeratin 34betaE12, also referred to as high molecular weight cytokeratin.

Cathie Crukley
London, Ontario

>>> rueggp  04/18/02 06:02PM >>>
at least 20 different peptides of keratin have been identified, each with a
different molecular weight.  pan keratin is a cocktail of more than one
peptide.  i am not sure which peptides 903 refers to, but the company selling it
should be able to supply you with that information.

"Klassen, Shannon SDH" wrote:

> When people say they are using cytokeratin 903 exactly what are they talking
> about.? Thanks for the help.
> Shannon Klassen
> IHC Tech
> Saskatoon Health District
> Saskatoon, Canada

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