Re: Breathers (was Microchatter chit chat)

From:Jennifer MacDonald

Breather.  Although I picked it up late in my histology career.


> Bryan Hewlett wrote:
> > It would be intriguing to pole the 'netters', in order to find the ratio
> > 'Breathers' vs 'Non-Breathers', how about it folks?
> > It would also be intriguing to find out why the 'Breathers' think it
> > ... 'Huffing', that arcane, gentle, open mouthed art that Jeff
> Dear Bryan,   I'm a breather.
> Gentle low-velocity oral exhalation helps a lot when static
> electricity renders ribbons unduly unruly. As to why? How
> about the same reason that static generally is reduced by
> humidity?
> The dry/damp stuff is probably explained in physics books
> for schoolchildren, but I stopped reading them more than 40
> years ago, and can't remember why water vapour discharges
> static.
>              John.
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> John A. Kiernan
> Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
> The University of Western Ontario
> London,   Canada   N6A 5C1

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