Re: Biebrich scarlet (Hermina Borgerink)

Biebrich scarlet is sold by Sigma:  cat. B 6008, C.I. 26905, water soluble and
dye content of approx. 60%.  25gm for $11.90.  Aldrich also used to sell it but
I believe that they are part of Sigma now.

Hermina wrote:

> Rafael Badalyan, MD in Yerevan, Armenia (OK, guys, go look at the map if you
> don't know where Armenia is) is trying to find Biebrich scarlet.
> About all I can help with is the correct spelling and some synonyms.
> According to Lillie's H.J. Conn, Biebrich scarlet (Colour Index 26905) is
> also called
> acid Red 66, Croceine scarlet, Scarlet B, Scarlet EC, Scarlet 3B (FIAT),
> Double Scarlet BSF, and Ponceau B, 3RP.
> Dick Dapson at ANATECH undoubtedly knows about its current availability.
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist
> Knoxville, Tennessee USA

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