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From:Jon Kerr

The Benchmark--that beautiful, whirring chymeric enigma--It is very easy, very walk-awayable. However, Ventana is undergoing litigious actions from Cytologix--I believe the court is convening in July in or around Boston. Cytologix maintains Ventana has infringed on patented technology. If the court accepts these allegations, Ventana MAY have to remove their Benchmarks, or perhaps change the BenchMark design. Prior to a purchase as large as the BMark, you should take this in to consideration.

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Subject: Ventana Benchmark

I would like to know if anyone is using the Benchmark for IHC.

1. is it a true walk away, from the waterbath (load and go)
2. is it easy to use, can anyone in your lab use it
3. are you having any problems with it, or did you have any problems at strat up in your lab
4. did it increase your IHC cost or decrease them
5. did it help with manpower
6. how are the qc reports

just a few questions before we buy.
Thanks for any and all replays


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