RE: Third class countries?

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Dear Augustin,

	If I remember correctly, when I first learned Cell Biology, it was
from a "de Robertis", and when I first taught Cell biology, it was again
with a text by a "de Robertis".  If we do things correctly, we are sad to
see a neighbor in trouble and hope he survives.  If we do things without
thinking, sometimes we don't use the best terms to express that concern.  

	Most of us in the USA  who are alive have not really experienced a
day of true want, much less a week or a year, so we tend to be somewhat
dispassionate about such things.  

	The third world may exist, and it may include some of our neighbors,
but we do not take pleasure or comfort from that.  The biggest surprise I
had in my life was the outburst of passionate desire for liberty from the
peoples of the USSR and China barely a decade ago.  After 70 years, one
thought that such passion would have been eliminated.  It is obvious that
WE, in the USA, have evolved something,  both politically and economically
special, that most people in the world would like to emulate in some manner
compatible with their culture and history.  It is unfortunate that so few

	We of the USA have made many mistakes while trying to insure the our
life, liberty and happiness in a world that is 'shrinking' every day.  We
have power, because sooner or later, every person or group that comes to
join us gets the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the system of
government that we have developed.  It is apparent, after two hundred years,
that one reason for our success is that our 'ruling aristocracy' rises from
the people, not the military or the landed rich.   Furthermore, we have been
fortunate that our laws do not permit our military to be used against our
own people, that in addition to a stabilizing constitution we have a Bill of
Rights that is brief and, for the most part, unassailable.      

	Tell us how to get it right, and if we can, we will!  Did you know
that when I was young, grain sent to Northern African states, like Egypt and
Libya, had the statement "From the People of the United States" removed and
replaced by something that diminished our contribution.  Yet, we continued
to send the grain.  After we had supported the revolution in Cuba, Castro
formed a dictatorship.  We have not always been at fault.  How many nations
in trouble have come to us and said, "Help us to get it right"?  Usually
they say, "Give us the money, and leave us alone!"

Respectful Regards and a Continuing Wish for Friendship,

Fred Monson

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> Subject: 	Third class countries?
> Dear Histonetters: My dear fatherland, the Argentine Republic, belongs to
> the South American "Third World" a rather despective topic referred to in
> a
> recent
> Digest. You are right, we belong to the Third World, but just as to our
> awful economic status. Don't you ever make the mistake to judge a  foreign
> country on the basis of material aspects, leaving aside its human being's
> spiritual value!
> Many Argentine cytizens are as valuable as First World's people and they
> are
> certainly as clever as, or even more intelligent than them!
> We Argentine researchers form part of the Argentine Republic, so the above
> mentioned principles should be applied to us as well. Do you know what's
> the
> major difference between Argentine and American, European or Japanese
> researchers?
> Just one= The budget they have at their disposition, including their
> wages'
> level. Let's put  forth an example :Our Institute, the National Institute
> of
> Agricultural Research (INTA) is
> formed by top level specialists ( Please make a proper interpretation of
> the
> term "Specialists" as this one is meant for both scientists and technics)
> in
> Agronomic,
> Veterinary, Biological, etc. Sciences. Most of us have achieved a MSc or
> PhD
> degree
> or attended training courses abroad.  All of us do love our job, but due
> to
> our spoiled economy
> the funds of all Argentine federal Institutions such as INTA have been
> severely restricted,
> so we often have to perform miracles to carry out our duties. The current
> INTA's budget is hardly enough to pay salaries and basic operating
> services
> such as electric power, gas, telephone and Internet. There are no funds
> for
> Investigation! All research groups get financial support through
> cooperation
> agreements with private companies or with fully developed foreign
> countries,
> or
> instead by performing charged analysis.
> I'm sure that my country's situation will improve in the future,
> otherwise all of us should commit suicide! But there are the love of our
> wives and children, the love of people suffering hunger and misery, the
> love
> for our jobs, the love for our fatherland and many other values, which
> help
> us keeping up with Argentina's economic disaster.
> Sincerely yours Histonetters
> Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
> DVM-Pathology Group
> INTA Castelar, Argentina

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