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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Afternoon Dave,
	Not much danger of pH changes in aqueous alcohol, but Lillie used to
buffer 10% Formalin to near neutrality by adding 2% CaAcetate.HOH to it.  He
also adds, on some unspecified occasions, 0.5g CaAcetate.HOH to a liter of
what he calls alcoholic (90%) formalin to insure neutrality.  I have used
his recommendation and it works!

Ref:  Lillie, R.D., Histopathologic Technic and Practical Histochemistry
(3rd Ed.), McGraw Hill, NY, NY, 1965, pp 36-39.

Hope this helps,

Fred Monson

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> From: 	Dave Allsop
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> Subject: 	Recipe for Neutral Buffered Ethanol
> Hi
> I have whole fish preserved in 10% NBF from my recent field visit. I now
> need to transfer them to 60-70% ethanol for storage, but need to buffer
> the
> ethanol to pH 7-8, using sodium phosphate (I cannot use a calcium chelator
> as I am interested in the calcified ear bones as well as the gonad
> structure). If the ethanol is not buffered the ear bones may be dissolved.
> Does anybody have a recipe for how to make such a Neutral Buffered Ethanol
> Solution?
> By the way, thanks to all those who helped with my previous question
> regarding optimal preservation of gonads and otoliths (fish ear bones) in
> the field.
> many thanks
> Dave Allsop
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