RE: Histotech Day? Perfect Gift?

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

What would be an appropriate gift?

A block that always gives perfect, mounted sections?

A day away?

A day without supervision?

A week with no questions?

A year with no trainees?

A day of total consideration?

A day of perfect results, at home?

A year without having to hear that the Cytotechs GET a day?


The only things my Mom ever got on Mother's Day were cards and better cuts
of meat to cook, and she never complained.  Probably because she got the
better cut.  On Father's day, if it rained, my Dad didn't have to mow the
grass.  On my birthday, if it rained, I still had to take out the trash.
Are there lessons here?

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> From: 	Alisha Proctor
> Sent: 	Monday, April 29, 2002 11:13 AM
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> Subject: 	Histotech Day?
> I know there is such a thing as Secretary's Day, Cytotech's Day, and Lab
> there a day set aside for Histotech's Day? If so, does anyone
> know when it is?
> Alisha Proctor
> NorthEast Medical Center
> Concord, NC

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